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The BYX program is a novelty in the Czech Republic in the field of real estate services. The so-called rent-to-own model means that the customers choose the apartment of their dreams, which they will rent for themselves, and -together with that- obtain the preemptive right. As soon as the customers have the needed funds, they can buy the property and at the same time deduct the previous month's rent.



  1. Responsive Web
  2. Calculator in JavaScript
  3. FAQ
  4. Email templates
  5. Questionnaire & Forms
  6. CSS/JS Animations

Client's needs

The client prepared graphic documents for us. The greatest emphasis was placed on programming a functional calculator that would calculate all the costs of the new property. However, the comprehensive website also included various animations, a questionnaire, specific FAQs and many other interactive elements.

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Client's needs

Provided solutions



In addition to a clear, responsive website, a calculator was needed to calculate all the costs of a new home. We programmed the calculator in JavaScript. The calculation tool models the financing process as well as the final property valuation. Clearly, in successive steps, so that the customer knows how much he will pay and save.



WordPress offers a number of plugins for adding FAQs to a website. However, we created a custom FAQ plugin for BYX that best met the client’s requirements. This makes it easy to find answers to all your questions about BYX.


Email template

As a part of creating a responsive website, we coded a unique email template linked to a web form. The error-free code in which the template is prepared guarantees correct display in Outlook, Gmail, on mobile phones and everywhere else.


The completely new concept of selling a residential project needed to be presented in a unique way. An integral part of the responsive website is a calculator that clearly calculates and displays the financial progress of the apartment purchase. The fact that the website we created is a success is evidenced by the huge interest of BYX clients.


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