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Bella Vista Residence.

We created a responsive website for the development company that introduces the residential project and offers housing in a unique location with a touch of exoticism. Those interested in the new housing can find all the details about the project on the website and of course, they can also choose from the apartments available.

Bella Vista Residence.


  1. Responsive Web
  2. Realpad API Connection
  3. Interactive map
  4. Data connection

Client's needs

When introducing the new residential project, it was necessary to clearly and correctly display all data related to the residential units. Error-free, using automated processes, without the need for redundant administration.

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Client's needs

Provided solutions


Realpad API

We have programmed the Realpad API connection. The goal was to automatically download housing unit data and fill and show it on the web without the need for manual intervention. It also included a feature to automatically send inquiries from the form to the CRM system.


Interaktivní mapa

We have created an interactive map of housing units. It is a very effective tool, with which the user can easily select a housing unit and immediately see all available information about the selected apartment. This is thanks to the data connection we created between the interactive map and the Realpad API.


Responzivní web

We created a custom WordPress web template specifically designed for the client’s needs. This makes the client more independent and they can edit the content of the website without us. They can also manage their database of prospective clients very easily.


The new website perfectly meets all the goals that our client has set. If a visitor is looking for a premium location in the middle of Prague, all they have to do is click. All the information is in one place, the data is up-to-date and clear. The webmaster has no administration work and no unnecessary costs.


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