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Proměna roku.

Healthy lifestyle and good lifestyle? It's possible! The proof is the Proměna roku - a unique project in every respect, in which we created not only the web design and subsequent development of the website, but also the visual identity, logo and comprehensive texts. We simply covered the entire project from start to finish, and that is always a challenge and a joy at the same time. The Proměna roku contest has been organised by CWP výživové poradenství s.r.o. for years, but it is not until 2023 that the general public can participate in the contest. CWP's aim is to promote healthy lifestyles and sustainable weight loss.

Proměna roku.


  1. Visual identity & logo creation
  2. UX design
  3. Webdesign
  4. Responsive Web
  5. Voting system programming
  6. Content creation

Potřeby klienta

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging good nutrition is the main mission of our client. However, for the first time, he wanted to introduce the Proměna roku contest to the public, so that he could inspire and motivate all those who are trying to change their habits. The client therefore approached us with the creation of a fresh and modern website, complete with logo, information architecture, design and copy.

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Potřeby klienta

Provided solutions


Visual identity & logo

A new project always needs a new face. There was no template or outdated concept that could just be redesigned. And so we had no limitations. We analysed the competition, prepared a mood board and then designed everything from colours, fonts and original design elements. We created 3 logo designs for the client and helped him choose between them.


Responsive web

The aim of the custom-made website was to present the new concept of the Proměna roku contest in a clear and engaging way and to motivate users to get involved and cast their vote. The contest features 10 original stories of people who have managed to change their lifestyle. The user is motivated to view the stories and repeatedly vote for one of them. The target group of the project is all adults, women and men, who are interested in physical health or looking for motivation and inspiration for their own life change. The web presentation must therefore be modern, impressive and at the same time very serious.


Voting system

Each competition has its own specific rules. According to the client’s requirements, we have programmed a voting system where each user is allowed to vote only once a day, but repeatedly throughout the duration of the contest.
To evaluate the results, we have created a database for the client, where all votes are stored together with other information about the voter. The client can then export the complete voting results from the database very easily.


The visual identity of the project is based on the faces and personalities that represent their transformation in the contest or are connected to the contest in other ways – for example, nutrition advisors, ambassadors, etc. We managed to create a very timeless and dynamic visual, which we also brought to life with modern animations. The user gets a very unique and authentic impression from the website.
The user feels very comfortable on the website and, thanks to the clear structure and simple logic, is always invited to join the contest and vote. A maximum of 3 clicks is all it takes to cast a vote. At the same time, the website provides inspiring information on how he himself can change his lifestyle for the better.


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