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Poběžovice Castle and Chateau

The town of Poběžovice is trying to save the beautiful castle, which is closed due to its poor condition. In order to restore it and to allow visitors to come back to it, it was necessary to create a website that would represent the castle and chateau Poběžovice with dignity. But more importantly, thanks to the website, a collection account has been published and all interested parties can now support this project.

Poběžovice Castle and Chateau


  1. Logo creation
  2. UX design
  3. Responsive Web
  4. Booking system
  5. Copywriting

Client's needs

Financing the repair of the castle is not a simple matter for any city. The aim was therefore to create a simple yet attractive website that would fulfill several tasks. To present the reconstruction plan, to inform about the history of the castle and important events, to attract visitors to the tour tours and, most importantly, to allow users to contribute to the public collection. All this using a simple administration that the town of Poběžovice can easily manage itself.

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Client's needs

Provided solutions



Not every castle or chateau has its own logo, let alone one that doesn’t have standard tours. But in this case, creating our own logo made sense. The town of Poběžovice now uses it on all information materials and visitors can link the castle logo to their collection account.



We designed the architecture, content and graphics of the website from the ground up. Of course, the responsiveness of the site was a must, so that all interested parties could contribute to the repair of the castle from their mobile phones as easily as on a display.


Forms & databases

We have prepared a registration form for contributors to the collection account. It allows you to keep track of your donors, but also to create a database for sending out newsletters.


Thanks to the new website, 215 contributors were reached within the first 3 months of its launch. The new website has also attracted companies that have become long-term sponsors.
More than CZK 180,000 was collected, and Poběžovice can continue to work actively with the database of contributors and reach out to its visitors on a regular basis.

Poběžovice Castle and Chateau

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