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Opportunity Real Estate Fund.

We have created a website for the development company that introduces a fund through which investors can earn attractive returns on selected real estate projects. The fund also offers a wide range of services for investors. From managing all transaction activities to financial risk and asset management.

Opportunity Real Estate Fund.


  1. Responsive Web
  2. Infographics
  3. Animations
  4. Charts & Forms
  5. Email templates

Client's needs

We received graphic data from the client. The task was to get the website moving. The client wanted to use infographics and various effects to achieve a distinctive and impressive website that, from the very first moment, makes it clear that it offers something special, interesting and worthwhile. And so we went for it.

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Client's needs

Provided solutions



We really took care in animating the individual elements. The website has an animated menu and logo, there are various parallax effects, animated numbers and graphs. At the same time, we kept in mind that the site must remain perfectly accessible to all visitors and compatible with all browsers.



For charts we used the chart.js library for creating charts in JavaScript. The result is pages with “live” charts that clearly display information about investment opportunities. The charts are simultaneously styled in two languages.


Email template

As part of the responsive web design, we coded a unique email template linked to a web form for the client. Thanks to the error-free code, the email displays correctly in Outlook, Gmail, on mobile and everywhere else.


The result of our work is a maximally animated and dynamic website that will definitely not bore you. The website stands out with a lot of animated elements, but at the same time it displays perfectly for every visitor. It is fully responsive and can be viewed on all devices.


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