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The Bondster platform focuses on the financial and P2B investment sector. It offers a trusted alternative to traditional investing. We had the opportunity to create a website, program an investment calculator and provide other programming solutions for this brand new online investment platform.



  1. Responsive Web
  2. Dynamic calculator in React
  3. API RECRUITS Connection
  4. Programming WP Gutenberg
  5. SQL database preparation

Client's needs

Online investing in loans requires a special solution. The client placed particular emphasis on the posibility to easily manage the site themselves. In the future, they wanted to beDigiverse | able to easily extend the functionality and save costs for further development.

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Client's needs

Provided solutions



We have programmed a dynamic calculator to calculate the yield using the React.js framework. Of course, we used language mutations and SVG animations.


WP Gutenberg

For Bondster we have created our own Gutenberg content blocks. The client can independently create and manage landing pages, even without the knowledge of HTML and CSS, using pre-made blocks. For example, he can create new landing pages for campaigns without the need for programmer intervention.


Data connection

We have connected the website to the recruitment software via the Rest API so that the client can easily manage their job postings. At the same time, we created an interface with a separate SQL database with data for dynamic content.


Bondster now prides itself on its modern website, where customers can find clear information on investment options. Using the reliable and fast calculator, they can easily calculate their returns and start investing immediately. Bondster can also manage their website independently, all data is dynamically linked and therefore saves a lot of administration time.

Investment platform Bondster

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